Frequently Asked Questions

Personalized proteomics is a real-time assessment of your health and wellness through the characterization of protein biomarkers present in your blood.

Monitoring your biomarkers over time can show important changes in your specific biological processes. These changes in biomarker levels are often below the threshold of human perception, but are crucial for identifying improvements or declines in your overall health as early as possible. You will obtain a Biomarker Analysis & Wellness Report based upon your own unique biomarker profile that, along with advisement from your healthcare provider, can inform adjustments to your diet and lifestyle that will allow you to feel better and live a happier, healthier life.

While some of our physiology is genetic, levels of proteins in the blood can be influenced by several extraneous factors such as injury, illness, and/or the presence of a disease state as well as alterations in diet, exercise, and even sleep. There is a lot we can do to manage our health and wellness through diet, exercise, and other health-related choices. These activities are inherent in your lifestyle and they must be optimized to promote optimal health.

Unlike genetic assessments, Quantibody® provides a rapid, efficient, and accurate assessment of the dynamic biomarkers in your body right now, allowing you to make any dietary and lifestyle decisions to optimize your health and wellness.
Your Biomarker Analysis & Wellness Report will include an easy-to-understand graphical representation of your health status. Each report provides you with a current snapshot of your blood biomarker levels and how they compare to past assessments and population normal ranges.
PanoHealth will mail you a blood collection kit which contains everything you need to sample your blood in the comfort of your own home. Specific instructions on how to perform your own painless finger prick are included in the kit. Simply take your sample, mail your kit back to PanoHealth, and we will provide you with your Biomarker Analysis & Wellness Report.
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